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Welcome to Libra season, dear Gemini!

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October 18 Zodiac Signs

Speaking of October Astrological Forecast Oct 1, This star brings success after early setbacks, and grants intuitive, psychic, or healing abilities. An inclination toward the legal profession or public office may bring success.

Alternatively, you may find an interest in writing on philosophical, spiritual, or religious subjects. This star suggests guarding against becoming too apprehensive and discontented by learning to accept calmly the ups and downs of life and staying detached.

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Highly intuitive and imaginative, you are full of ideas that can make you money. With your organizational skills and determination, you are a good planner who thinks on a grand scale. Usually you want to take charge of situations and lead, or be your own boss. Friendly and sociable, you have a charismatic personality. If you believe in something, including yourself, you can be very persuasive and successful as an agent, salesperson, or promoter. Gifted and ambitious, you need to express yourself creatively and shine as an individual.

As an intelligent person with common sense and practical abilities, you are often interested in social reforms and education.

October 18 Zodiac Signs

Determination, assertiveness, and ambition are some of the attributes associated with the number 18 birthday. Active, with a need for challenges, you like to keep busy and are frequently involved in some enterprise.

Capable, hardworking, and responsible, you rise to positions of authority. Alternatively, your strong business sense and organizational skills lead you to the world of commerce.

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Since you may suffer from overwork, learn how to relax or slow down from time to time. The subinfluence of the number 10 month indicates that you want to accomplish and achieve. Being a forceful character with a keen intellect, you can influence others with your persuasive speech and charming manner, but you should guard against selfishness and being dictatorial.

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