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The Cancer is more sensitive about sexual relations, while the Scorpio is more passionate. The Cancer's desire to please helps avoid many problems in this area. The Scorpio's furious jealousy does not arise since the Cancer is devoted to the partner. The love will be growing, and this passionate connection can develop in a perfect marriage.

There will be an instant mutual sexual attraction, equal in force between them.

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But Leo finds it hard to cope with Scorpio's jealousy and possessiveness. Intense, smoldering Scorpio is on a too short fuse, while Leo is much more buoyant.

Scorpio's Best Matches

These two very strong-willed individuals generally create some rather stormy moments. Generally, in such relationships, there will be no "romanticism", but these two are capable of sensual, loving and good, long partnership. Their interests are the same in many areas, but they are too different when it refers to the sexual sphere. It is difficult for them to establish good relationships. Virgo can become captious.

Venus enters Scorpio

Restrained Virgo has trouble keeping up with highly demonstrative Scorpio and doesn't understand what all the fuss and bother is about. Scorpio can fly into jealous rages for no reason, even if Virgo has proved to be a faithful mate, and the general Scorpio views are hard for Virgo to take or agree with, for Virgo always sees the other side of the situation and the other person's point of view.

In other words, Scorpio can be roughly frank. The spiritual affinity is possible for some time, and then Scorpio will most likely begin to search for new sexual partners. Friendship may be the best idea here. Scorpio is too jealous for the careless Libra.

Zodiac sign Scorpio Love Compatibility

The Virgo's carelessness concerning sex results in a quarrel. Scorpio should dominate while Libra should submit. There is a strong mutual attraction between them, but this can lead to an explosion. This is a passionate rough connection and the marriage is not recommended. These two are capable to light the fire even in the water. The problem is that they are too similar. They are both resolute, both are proprietors, and both have awful characters. They are highly jealous and demanding.

They are so intense that every little storm quickly becomes a hurricane. Both are sulky, brooding, and possessive. Both are in a continual struggle to force the other to relinquish control. If they have different opinions about something, it may result in big cracks in their relationship, and as a result, the mutual understanding between them will evaporate. Their connection cannot last long, outside a warm atmosphere of the bedroom. The connection is extraordinary. The marriage is a real disaster! The freedom is necessary for Sagittarius.

Sagittarius's far-roaming interests constantly make Scorpio jealous. Romantically, this is a volatile combination. Sagittarius is playful about sex and finds Scorpio's intense, dominating passions too much to cope with. Soon Sagittarius's inclination is to fly. Their mutual attraction is explained by sex and cannot last for a long time. A one night stand - yes; a marriage -NO. This union means successful sexual mutual relationships. Scorpio is the more imaginative lover, but Capricorn's stamina is a delightful match.

Scorpio's possessiveness spells security to Capricorn. These two work well as a team - Capricorn is highly organized and Scorpio has native shrewdness. The Scorpio is more inventive, while the Capricorn is more patient. Their success in bedroom opens some interesting opportunities. The representatives of both signs have strong wills, but the Scorpio is inclined to dominate. The Capricorn must understand, that it happens because of the Scorpio's great love.

The connection is usually passionate and marriages are successful. This combination usually ends up getting into unpleasant terms after a little time. Fueled by Scorpio's volatility and Aquarius's imaginativeness, sex is quite out of the ordinary. But Aquarius is turned off by Scorpio's powerful and jealous passions, and Scorpio is upset by Aquarius's unpredictable moods. Aquarius constantly participates in numerous public affairs. The Aquarius is extremely sociable. The Scorpio is reserved. The happiness in bed will not help this couple to be happy together. Let everyone go their own way.

This combination may be a love at first sight. There is a strong mutual attraction between them. Pisces are ready to rely on Scorpio to compensate their indecision and will agree with the Scorpio's aspiration to dominate. Scorpio's jealousy and possessiveness won't bother Pisces-in fact, it makes Pisces feel loved. Pisces's dependency is just what Scorpio is looking for. These two share a special communion, much of it on a sensual, unspoken level. Both have intense feelings, are loyal, intuitive, and interested in the mystical and the unusual. Their sexual life should be delightful.

The Pisces are inventive. The Scorpio is persevering. Both affair and marriage are successful. Monthly Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Scorpio, for the upcoming Month. Scorpio Love Compatibility Horoscope.

Everything You Need to Know About Dating a Scorpio Man

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Scorpio and Scorpio Love Compatibility Horoscope. Scorpio and Sagittarius Love Compatibility Horoscope. Scorpio and Capricorn Love Compatibility Horoscope. Scorpio and Aquarius Love Compatibility Horoscope. Scorpio and Pisces Love Compatibility Horoscope. Horoscopes for Scorpio. Comments: Scorpio Compatibility Horoscope. April I was married to a Taurus, and it was a disaster. I am in a relationship with a Cancer now and it is amazing!

Immediate connection, so similar and we have each other's backs all the time. Sholly I was born on 23 October I lost my relationship of 8yrs with a Lady born on 7th May Taurus. I'm still single, no Job. When will I meet the Lady that will love me wholeheartedly with out heart break? When will l get Job and which Job fit my Zodiac Sign. I do love him but I don't think I am in love with him anymore. I am torn on what to do. I want him to be happy but I also need to be happy too. I'm not allowed to have friends because he gets so jealous. I spend literally everyday all day with him I leave for work and when I come up he's just so clingy to me and personal I don't like that.

I don't want a relationship like that I do want things to work but I have tried everything. Shantel Im a Scorpio single now 2 years I met a gorgeous Aquarius we have a spiritual connection.

These 3 Zodiac Signs Are The Best Matches For Scorpio & It's Bound To Be Hot & Heavy

We can talk on the phone for hours. We have met at his house just a friendly conversation.

5 Things A Scorpio Does When They Have A Crush

Im not sure if he wanna date me. Gertrude Noname Hey everyone, The actual birthdate of each of you will determine your compatibility. Look into numerology for details and uncanny accuracy. I know this for fact. Scorpiooo Go for it You won't regret it!! The union is magical. I've been with my pisces for about a year and it's been magical. I have an uncanny way of attracting the controlling and manipulating men and the next is always worse than the last. Ready to find a true man that will be good to my son and me both.

I'm too trusting and want to believe everyone's intentions are as mine but it leaves me vulnerable and an easy target. Feeling insecure in my ability to have a good relationship, I often wonder if I am the underlying cause of the relationships going to hell in a handbag. Trying out the online thing and met a Taurus who is drop dead gorgeous first off and seems like he has his ducks in a row. The physical attraction is super intense, almost uncontrollable! He got divorced the end of last year after 24 years so I'm extremely cautious he's just sampling flavors right now.

I being a scorpio of course can be pushy and expect the answer I want back and now. Can't tell at this point if he is as into me as I am him. Don't want to scare him away but also don't want to waste my time or already start to mistrust. Taurean We love scorpion just be itself do not hold back nothing he'll love you. Hazel Hellllooo scorpios.. But a good listener is scorpio man.. He really understand me Rules by fiery Mars and destructive Pluto, Scorpio has one mode for relationships and that's full-on.

Scorpio loves romance and passion, including up-all-night fights. Scorpio never does anything halfway, and believes that true love comes with true fights.

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There's something you still need to know! Ask an experienced psychic. Flirtatious, seductive, and mysterious, Scorpio loves playing hard to get initially, and may look like they never take the lead. This isn't true, though. Scorpio can pull the strings, relying on body language and subconscious cues to make their potential partner do exactly what they want them to do. Scorpio loves the chase, and loves the drama and pageantry that comes with initial dates.

They love going all out with outfits, reservations, and candles and truly want to be the best date you've ever had. While Scorpio may seem like they're well-versed in love, and they love seduction, they can be cautious when it comes to settling into an LTR. That's because water sign Scorpio hides a lot of emotion underneath their surface, and when they open up to a significant other, they want it to be for life.

When a Scorpio does let their guard down, it's a big deal, and a sign they truly want the relationship to last. Cancer : Passionate and in tune with their emotions, Cancer and Scorpio can have an almost psychic connection, and Cancer's innate understanding of Scorpio can help avoid any hurt feelings. Aquarius : Both signs who are used to marching to the beat of their own drummer, cool Sagittarius can provide the pragmatism that Scorpio needs to diffuse some of their intense emotions.

Taurus : Grounded earth sign Taurus may initially seem too staid for intense Scorpio, but this match can last precisely because Taurus won't get drawn into any drama. Want to know more about your love matches? Check every zodiac sign's love compatibility. Bring on the reservations, the candles, and the dimly lit cocktail bars, because Scorpio adores the glamour and intrigue that comes with first dates.

To Scorpio wining and dining is an art, and they adore bringing their dates to places that make them feel like they've stumbled into an exotic country. To Scorpio, dating is all about letting go of the every day and getting lost in fantasy. It's common for water sign Scorpio to become downright obsessed with fire signs—the sign they aren't supposed to go for.

Fire signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius speak to Scorpio's intense passion. But while fire signs are all intense energy, Scorpio has a well of emotion underneath—when Scorpio gets mad, they stay mad, unlike fire signs who can get over it seconds later. Scorpio and fire signs both seem similar on the surface, but often have trouble speaking each other's language—fire signs communicate in actions, while Scorpio is all about emotion.

The result? Tons of mixed messages, followed by a fiery breakup, maybe a temporary reunion, and an even more intense final goodbye. But it can work! The trick is that each partner has to stop thinking their way is the "right" way, and stop trying to change their partner. Scorpio needs to step back and let some things roll off their back, and come up with coping mechanisms that don't involve the silent treatment.

Fire signs need to learn that emotions are real, even if you can't see them. And together, these signs can create some serious sparks. If you have your eye on a Scorpio, be ready to be rejected at least once. It's not you, it's their sign. Deep down, strong Scorpio may have rejection fears of their own, and trying rejection on you is one way to make sure you're serious about them.

Here, how to make sure a Scorpio knows you truly want them and get them to fall for you. Be funny. Scorpio loves independent thinkers, and a sarcastic quip or comment will go a long way in their book. The less you worry about looking "cool," the better. Have your own life. Scorpio is not interested in a codependent relationship and shies away from someone who seems like they "need" a romance to seem complete. Having a full life of friends, family, and hobbies makes it clear you want them in your life. Own your intelligence. Scorpio has a soft spot for smarts, and loves when someone they like shows just how intelligent they are.