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Having served the Indian Navy for a brief period, he found his passion and interest drawn towards astrology. His secret to happiness lies in helping others. His glorious line of work and large clientele base of celebrities and industrialists is a testimony of the competence and caliber he holds of his profession. Ranked as the best celebrity astrologer in India , his astrological techniques combine Indian and western astrology, to find scientific and reasonable solutions. He has been instrumental in changing the lives of many from all works of life through effective astrological solutions and Vastu tips.

Associated with several TV channels, he makes regular appearances on TV media where he shares his knowledge on Vastu science, their importance and their effects. Acknowledged as a famous celebrity astrologer in India , he has shared the stage with actors like Vishal Sharma, Mr.

Rakesh Roshan, Mr. Sharman Joshi, and Mr. Jeetendra, etc. Pawan Kaushik being felicitated by bollywood personalities at an event For him, astrology has a deeper meaning; it is super science that delves into the meaning and purpose of human life. Naturally gifted with intuitive powers, he has been honoured with several awards like The Peace Ambassador award, and he is also associated with several magazines, TV Channels and publishing houses.

Though he has been a recipient of many awards, he considers the love and affection of his followers as his highest achievement. Drawing similarity between science and astrology, his work is research-based and driven by intuition, enabling him to make accurate and relevant predictions and ranking him as the top astrologer in India.

His dynamic lines of services include: Astrology The positioning and alignment of our stars and planets have a direct impact on our life. Astrology studies the effect of stars and other planetary bodies on our lives. Through accurate astrological predictions, we can determine our probable future, understand the cause of certain events, etc.

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So, that Sidharth has from his gurus. You can find his astrology articles on this website. You can find him online on the social network. On Facebook with more than 4 thousand listeners, he communicates live with his clients. On Twitter, he has more than thousand followers. The social platform makes him available for your astrological guidance on a daily basis.

After a long journey through print media articles, Astrologer Sidharth came back to blogging and wrote almost articles on various issues regarding Astrology and Vastu Shastra. You can find it all right here on this website.

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Parashara Astro Consultancy is a group of astrologers with the guidance of Pradeep Maharaj. If you have Exact birth data, then you can get our all premium services. With his Six years of experience in Print media as Sub Editor, he can write deep Astrology subject in a very characteristic and unusual way. His name is in the directory of top astrologers in India or top Jyotish in India, World. He is the Astrologer to the Rich and Famous. He has been a professor in English. Bejan Daruwalla also meets people for astrological consultations.

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It was held on December 19, Today the whole world knows that Pete Sampras has created a history in the Wimbledon by winning the title for the 7th time and claiming a record breaking 13th grand slam title. What has to say about himself? Only a human being born on 11th, July ,who loves to laugh and play and love everybody. Bejan is only the vessel for the grace of Ganesha to flow in. Yes, he does go wrong from time to time, he loves his family, cares deeply and is emotionally bonded with hoops of steel to the whole wide world.

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He, in short, cares and dares. His name is also taken among the world famous astrologers in India expert vedic astrologers in India , New Delhi. He was initiated into astrology by his mother. The teachers on the teaching faculty of the astrology course in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan have, like him, never charged any fees for teaching which they do in an honorary capacity. He is in the list of best astrologers in India or best jyotishi in India, World. Before practicing Astrology he was practicing Law. A prolific writer, he has written several books and writes for many magazines and newspapers both in India as well as overseas.

He has a regular column in The Hindustan Times for the last five years where he writes on national and international personalities in a column entitled Star Trek.

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He was a columnist in Deccan Chronicle Hyderabad for five years. In this column he provided solutions to the problems of the people astrologically. Readers also sent in their questions along with their birth details. His name comes in the list of leading astrologers in India or top Indian Astrologers. He is in the list of good astrologers in India or good Indian Astrologers. He was born in Karachi now in Pakistan.

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His family migrated to Bombay during the partition. An erstwhile finance broker He started dabbling in numerology as a hobby, soon this hobby turned into a passion, he read more than books, a priest at the Sitladevi temple near four bungalows, Andheri Bombay- India guided him with various scriptures. He has been a student of Numerology for over 30 years and was quite popular in his friend circle, on who he experimented to perfect his unique method. He struggled in his sales job for 17 years, he started working at 14, alongside doing Junior college and could barely make two ends meet.