Horoscope sign for october 15

Though before you give this person any of your time and energy, consider whether a reunion will really be in your best interest. There is a chance that you could finally get the closure or the information you've been seeking. You might be busy with a home-related matter today. Perhaps you're moving house or in the process of house hunting or thinking or renewing your lease.

October 15 Birthday Horoscope

When it comes to a home-related purchase, are you getting the most for your money? Meanwhile, it's time to heal a family relationship. Connecting with an old friend could be just the thing you need today, especially if you're in need of some fun. On another note, you could be obsessing over a romantic situation that could have you wondering whether things will work out.

Relax and let things unfold naturally. Has the time come for you to ask for a raise or renegotiate what you're currently making? Today seems to point to yes. On a similar note, are you honoring your worth as much as you should? If not, it's time to re-center yourself and remember all of the things that make you special.

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Write them down. When you talk or think about yourself, how conscious are you of the words that you're using? Being humble or self-depreciating will only get you so far. Other times, not thinking things through can get you into trouble.

You may have to weigh a decision carefully today. Don't get bored with the process. Give it the time it deserves so you are sure with what you need to do next. Libra, leadership is an art form. Your concern for people has given you an opportunity to observe good leadership and bad leadership too. You can choose to be a wise leader with a clear vision today. By doing what you know to be ethical and right, you prove yourself invaluable to your job.

Taurus, how a person thinks is how they learn. Your way of thinking today could bring you to a place where insight and innovation intersect. Your unique experiences can help you to come with creative ideas and plans.

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Write them down to consider with more attention and focus later. Virgo, you are fair and balanced in your way of doing things today. If you have paperwork or reports that need to get done by the end of the day, focus on quality. Be honest about your time management needs and don't rush what you have to do. If it's important, give it the time it requires. Capricorn, you could be tempted to procrastinate on a project that has a deadline in order to pursue another interest. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of what you expect to have accomplished by the end of this week. Aries, taking on more than you need to do can guide you down the wrong path.

Scale down to the bare elements necessary for a successful work week.

OCTOBER 15 ZODIAC – Ultimate Guide to Birthday Horoscope – ZODIAC

Can you sense that there are creatures swimming beneath us? Although Scorpio wants to dig us deeper, a first quarter moon in steady, determined, and goal-oriented Capricorn on Oct. However, Capricorn is no less dark and heavy-handed than our dear friend, Scorpio. Ruled by Saturn, the great punisher in astrology, this zodiac sign invites karma your way, showing you that what goes around, comes around.

With Mercury in your eighth house of passion and intensity, you're mind is hungry for depth and willing to go the distance in order to find it. With the waxing Capricorn moon in your 10th house of career, you can breathe fire into your longterm goals and make serious moves towards your success. However, this depth won't translate as easily into your social and love life. Take care not to rush into new romantic prospects, nor should you give away your trust so easily.

Your seventh house of partnerships is absorbing Mercury's passionate energy. Right now, you're seeing the benefits of cooperating with another individual and combining your power. Whether your commitments are forged by love or business, it will teach you so much, especially while the Capricorn moon glows in your ninth house of wisdom.

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However, you should spend time reflecting on your relationships instead of rushing into major relationship decisions. With Mercury in your sixth house of routine and work, your mind is ready to tackle every item on your to-do list, replenish your health, and get back into the groove of a productive routine.

And, as your eighth house of darkness and intensity is powered by the waxing Capricorn moon, you'll feel all your hard work strengthening your soul on the deepest level. However, don't get bogged down by insignificant details. Overanalyzing everything could steal your thunder. It's bound to be a creative and artistically fulfilling week with Mercury in your fifth house of fun and pleasure. Your perspective is geared towards opportunities to interact playfully with the world and create something meaningful out of your experiences.

With the Capricorn moon in your partnership house, you may join forces with someone on a project.

Your Daily Horoscope For October 15, 2018

However, don't sacrifice rational thinking for the sake of your art. It could land you in a sticky situation. With Mercury in your fourth house of home and family, you're getting in touch with your roots, immersing yourself in emotional comfort, and staying in.

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  • Right now, give yourself the rest you deserve. Your heart needs it. The Capricorn moon in your sixth house of productivity will help you replenish and rejuvenate your mind and body.

    However, don't allow yourself to succumb too deeply into solitude. You should still go outside for some air when you need it.