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Neptune: pale blue. As in the case of Uranus, the color is due to methane. Neptune would appear darker than Uranus due to dimmer illumination greater distance from the Sun. Some of the images of Neptune from the Voyager 2 flyby in show a deep blue color , but the colors in those images were enhanced.

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The actual colors of Uranus and Neptune are quite similar. Pluto no longer a planet ; now classified as a dwarf planet : mostly light brown , with some darker regions.

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Note that some of the images from NASA's New Horizons space probe which flew past Pluto and its moons in have been enhanced to show color contrasts more clearly. Here are some good sites with more images of the planets not always in true color! Similar Questions that might Interest You Why does the Earth have only one moon? Intermediate What is the evidence supporting the nebula theory of Solar System formation?

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      When was this discovered? Leo is pale yellow like a rising Sun. Sagittarius conveys the color of its owner, Jupiter: Saffron yellow. Pisces also belongs to Jupiter, but conveys the color of Venus, who exalts here: crystalline. Capricorn and Aquarius are dirt and stone oriented colors, like Saturn. We hear that Capricorn is spotted gray, like dark tombstone granite. This conveys the solidity, coldness and hardness of Saturn, and also the darkness.

      Aquarius is said to be red clay.

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      It seems inexplicable. Perhaps it is really Capricorn that is red clay in color — because the red planet, Mars exalts here? For the rest, best to meet him. Skip to content. Venus is pure, natural beauty — so she is clear with prismatic effects. Signs There is an excellent book unfortunately out of print , called The Circle of Stars.

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