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Good News Translation How glad and happy you will be, and how happy many others will be when he is born! Holman Christian Standard Bible There will be joy and delight for you, and many will rejoice at his birth.

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International Standard Version You will have great joy, and many people will rejoice at his birth, NET Bible Joy and gladness will come to you, and many will rejoice at his birth, New Heart English Bible You will have joy and gladness; and many will rejoice at his birth. Jubilee Bible And thou shalt have joy and gladness; and many shall rejoice at his birth. King James Bible And you shall have joy and gladness; and many shall rejoice at his birth. American King James Version And you shall have joy and gladness; and many shall rejoice at his birth.

American Standard Version And thou shalt have joy and gladness; and many shall rejoice at his birth. Douay-Rheims Bible And thou shalt have joy and gladness, and many shall rejoice in his nativity. Darby Bible Translation And he shall be to thee joy and rejoicing, and many shall rejoice at his birth. People of Number 14 should avoid indulgence, they need to maintain balance and harmony in life. Success in life is achieved through the moderation in all aspects of life. Emotional characteristics. These people are not warming up immediately to anyone they see in front of them, and love for Number 14 is not a quick and easy thing.

On the other hand, they have a lot of excellent qualities, and they usually are quite attractive to the opposite sex. They are courteous and diplomatic. The spouses of Number 14 should better be materialistic enough. Someone who has another type of mind may experience some difficulties in communicating with the Number They do not really understand people who are not interested in money.

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This is the most usual mean of communication for those born under this Number. Sexually they are a very strong people, probably because they are materialistic enough not to fly too far to the world of dreams. People of Number 14 - are "Three in One". Both are gifts that will help you along your life's path. Calculating your Birth Day number couldn't be easier: it is simply the date -- and the date alone -- of your birth, unreduced.

So whether you were born on January 10 or July 10, your Birth Day number is The month and year in which you were born do not matter, nor does it matter that a 10 normally reduces to a 1. All that matters is that one single- or double-digit number defines the special talents that make up who you are. Just look up the date of your birthday below to hone in on the skills you may have never even realized you possess!

You are a determined leader in the truest sense and can gain the support and trust of others easily, even when your highly independent self would rather work alone. You are very sensitive and diplomatic, and your warm demeanor is a strength when dealing with or mediating others. Your intuition is strong, tapping you into the inner thoughts of those around you. Whether you've worked at it or not, you have a highly-developed creative talent and are a natural-born artist.

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Your affectionate demeanor and wit make you a social star. You're every employer's dream: a hardworking, detail-oriented individual with high principles. And still, you maintain a sense of compassion for others and a love of close family. You're lusty Your eccentric self loves a change of scene and craves travel and adventure. You are highly adaptable, communicative, and relate well to others. You're a generous family person, a kind soul with a strong skill in keeping the peace.

You are able to resolve unrest between loved ones by easily finding the best middle ground. Your mind is your greatest asset. You enjoy contemplating on any topic, from the scientific to the spiritual, and have a great sense of focus. You take nothing at face value and can rely on your strong intuition to find truths that are hidden to others. You're an "ideas person" when it comes to dreaming up new ventures, and you back this with a creative approach to business and money matters.

You are efficient, realistic, and confident in your skills, always up for a challenge. Your open mind, relentless optimism and compassion for your fellow man make you true humanitarian.

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